“I too was having problems finding someone to work on above ground spas. I kept getting recommendations for a local guy that I will not use (used local guy before and after charging me for parts 2x, still couldn’t fix the problem and wanted to charge me for another visit and didn’t know how to deal with another problem which I’ll call my “fountain”). I called around and finally got someone to get me someone besides the local guy and Dominic was it. I explained what was going on. He was quick to respond. He found the problem right away, explained what was happening and what the prior guy had done (still makes me wonder if the prior guy really needed to charge me for those parts). He gave me some tips on care, cleaned it up a bit and even found another problem and made the repair. Remember my “fountain” the other guy didn’t know how to take care of, Dominic took care of it. Only wish I would have found him earlier so that I could have been using the spa the past year or so. He was very professional, considerate and polite. Did a great job, pricing reasonable and went above and beyond what I anticipated. Fixing the other problem too, that deserves a couple more stars!!! Thanks Dominic!!!”

Suzanne G.
Chino, CA

“It was very difficult for me to find a person or business that works on above ground spas. After calls to Jacuzzi and multiple internet searches and calls, someone on a local pool and spa forum referred me to D Spa Man. Dominic called back in a timely manner after I left him a voicemail. He knew what the possible problems could be after my explanation, gave me the price scenarios (which were reasonable in my opinion) and we scheduled a service date. He arrived on time (traveled from Riverside to Temecula), was very professional yet personable, and fixed my spa! He also informed me of some other potential problems we may have in the future and gave me advice and tips on keeping the water in good shape. It was all in all a great experience and I would recommend him to anyone looking for parts or service on their spa.”

Jillian F.
Huntington Beach, CA

“I was having issues get my old spa to prime up. He was the second person I had come out to troubleshoot in a two week time period. Quality work and he really knew what he was doing. I would refer and recommend Dominic.”

Naomi G.
Riverside, CA

“Super friendly service and accommodates to the clients needs. Been in business for a good while.”

Nikki Abello

“Look no further! The best spa tech ever. Fast response and very reliable with great prices and suggestions!”

Patricia Hobson

“Service definitely 5 Stars. Price is another matter. I have a very old spa I bought used 20 years ago. Access to my back yard has changed since then so I can’t easily get a new spa back there now, thus have to keep repairing the old one. “Scott the Spa Man” (Anyone remember him?) kept it running for me all that time. After a Yelp search, I discovered Dominick and Spencer. Turns out they knew Scott and took over his customers when he retired, exactly what I was looking for.

D Spa Man responsiveness and service could not be better. Every time I phoned or texted Dominick, he picked up right away or got back to me within a few minutes. For all three appointments I had with them, Dominick and Spencer showed up precisely on time. They are also knowledgeable, experienced, pleasant, considerate, personable human beings to work with.

The Spa Repairs: Circa 1980s Signature Spa. Stopped heating, pumping and PVC line above timer leaking. I needed a new lid with a lifter because I have developed back issues. Two of the pneumatic switches were also failing. Spencer came out for first service call, $95 for diagnosis above any future charges. Original quote was $450 for the new motor, $350 lid, $220 lifter, $350 labor in addition to the original $95. These prices speak for themselves. When I raised the issue, he reduced the pump to $400, and ultimately labor by $100 because he was able to fix the leak using a putty patch rather than replacing the faulty PVC section. We decided to leave the pneumatic switches that day since they were still somewhat working. After a couple days, I decided I wanted them replaced after all. Dominick and Spencer came right back out and only charged me $50 for the parts, no labor or service charge. You won’t find service even close to this good in this market niche of above ground spa repair, BUT, YOU ARE GOING TO PAY DEARLY FOR IT. Grand total for these three service calls, parts, and repairs $1449.87.”

Eric H.
Upland, CA