When to Call a Professional for Spa Repairs

D Spa Man understands that investing in a spa can be a big expense. However, this doesn’t mean you should avoid repairs when they become apparent. This will only leave your spa in worse shape than before and may mean spending more money down the road just because you waited. Whether you want to know what to expect with this investment or are struggling with a possible repair issue, take a look at some of the most common repair problems below. In any of these situations, we recommend hiring a spa professional to help restore your investment back to proper working condition.

1. Heater Won’t Work

Most of the time this is related to the ph balance in the water, which can cause the heater to fail. By having a spa professional come to your home, they can check the ph and then go from there to determine if that’s the issue. I fit’s not, then they may look closer at the breaker to see if there is a problem with the heating element.

2. Burned Circuit Board

This is where a professional is extremely important to have around. They will inspect the board to determine if connection screws are the cause of the issue. Once they are able to repair the root cause, they will then need to replace the circuit board so your spa can begin working properly once again.

3. Jets Won’t Turn On

If the hot tub is on but the jets aren’t working, first check to make sure the adjustments for each of the jets are not closed. If that’s not the issue, then you’ll need a repair professional to check to see if there is an air lock problem.

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